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Help us reach more baby's and mothers in Kenya like we recently did

Living Health Focus Africa facilitated the donation of hospital supplies and equipment to Kanyagwal Health Care facility in Kisumu County in December 2021 .

This donation is part of an ongoing collaboration by LHF International arm and local pharmacies based in Germany. The Donation was warmly appreciated and received by the Laboratory Technician Mr Nelson Ochieng on behalf of the Head of the Health Care facility Mr Luca Bala the area Assistant chief Mr Barnabas Odhong' and the Mr Ezekia Opar, the Chair of the management Committee. The facility has no autoclave, oxygen saturation machine or running water, despite being operational for 24 hours for on-site delivery of babies in uncomplicated cases.

In addition, blood pressure monitor machines, digital thermometers, some essential medication, masks and disposable delivery linen were also donated, as these were also lacking.

The LHF-A Representative also planted a local tree in the grounds of the facility for purposes of raising awareness to the environment and conservation of wetland ecology.

Living Health Focus Africa welcomes this and other initiatives which promote Sustainable Development Goal no 3 - "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages."

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May 18, 2022

Good job done, serving humanity is a key.

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